Gamestar teaser by Yuan Works

Latest project from Yuan Works: GameStar

So, many of you have been asking what’s up with Yuan Works, what happened to the progress we had with Little Ninja, and where we’re headed. We’re ready to announce it altogether, … Continue Reading →

2D Platformer Jump Through Platforms

2D Platformer: Jump-Through Platforms

Hey everyone :) more progress on our 2D Platform Engine! In our last post, Alejandro talked about Physics and Collision Detection between sprites and the terrain — namely, how the Ninja interacts with … Continue Reading →


Little Ninja: Physics and Collision Detection

I’ve been meaning to write something explaining some of the physics and collision detection behind Little Ninja for awhile now, but I really wanted the engine to be at a point where … Continue Reading →

Little Ninja sketch

Little Ninja Dev: Smart Camera movement

“Unofficial” artwork by Yuan-Hao A lot of devving has been done in these weeks — essentially, most collisions have been resolved by Alejandro, and we now have generic sprites (which can be … Continue Reading →

Little Ninja Work in Progress

Little Ninja: Retaking the Game Engine

Hi everyone, welcome back to the Yuan Works DEV blog! ^^ We are slowly bringing Little Ninja back on his feet, as well as our GameDev blog, with information of what’s happening … Continue Reading →

Wind and Water: Raffle and Online Beta Testing!

Hi everyone, We’d like to tell you that we’ll be holding the raffle for the 5 Full Set Avatars today Sunday. We have great news too, Online tests are going very smooth … Continue Reading →

Wind and Water: Mouse support release and Custom Avatar Demo

Hi guys and gals, Just wanted to tell you that Wind and Water now has in-game Mouse Support as of version 1.05, download from our main website! The video also shows how … Continue Reading →

Wind and Water: Mouse support!

Alright, first things first, here’s a short video showing mouse support! Yuan will be explaining how to clear Stage E05 (which is pretty far ahead on the game in case you hate … Continue Reading →

Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles FREE for PC, WIZ, GP2X!

We’d like to announce that Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles, our commercial release for SEGA Dreamcast, GP2X, and WIZ is now FREE and available for PC too! Here’s the trailer: Visit Wind … Continue Reading →

More on the 2D/3D Project

Trying to make 3D look unmistakably 2D brought some problems on 3D graphics software. Since properties such as the ones I’m looking for are seldom (if at all) used, even if they … Continue Reading →