Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles FREE for PC, WIZ, GP2X!

We’d like to announce that Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles, our commercial release for SEGA Dreamcast, GP2X, and WIZ is now FREE and available for PC too!

Here’s the trailer:

Visit Wind and Water Puzzle Battles to download the game and for more info!

And if you’d like to support us, you can get a Custom Avatar based on you:

Sprites appear in-game:

Click here for more information on how to get a sprite and support us!

Please let others know about W&W (in forums, in your own website, in game news sites), download the game, comment about it and, if you can, support us! We really need others knowing about the game which will mean that we can keep working on the Online/Net play version of W&W (which we’re hoping to release if W&W gets popular enough) as well as our other projects such as Little Ninja.

Also, we’ll be giving out 5 Full Set sprites for FREE for W&W players, click here for more information on how to win one!

Happy gaming!

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  • Cool says:

    Please bring this game to Sony’s NGP system, the PS3 or the Xbox 360.

  • Bugle says:

    Man, I checked your guys’s site at the right time! I purchsed W&W:PB a few months after it was released on the DC and have absolutely loved it. You guys put so much love into the game and made sure it was as amazing as it possibly could be. So congrats on a PC release! I’ve already told all my non-DC owning friends to grab a copy, so hopefully you’ll get a little more attention. Good luck with future projects too!

  • Most Awesome! Welcome back to the blogging world, guys!

    Any chance of a GP2X Caanoo version? That would be very very cool.

    By the way, is the custom avatar PC only? Or can it be used on the GP2X as well? I assume it isn’t in the Dreamcast version, as those are on the disc itself.

  • cube_b3 says:

    News posted at Dreamcast-Scene, SegaBits, DC Emulation and Senile Team Forums.

    You have my email ID, you can let me know when ever you have news to share.

  • zear says:

    Wow, that’s an awesome news!
    Although, will there be a Linux PC version? I don’t own any Windows machines.
    The results of the last two Humble Indie Bundle events ( show that there’s a HUGE linux gaming scene, which was about 20% of the total sold games during the promotion.

    Moreover, are you guys interested in porting the game to some other handheld systems?
    I loved your Wind&Water on the GP2X, although this handheld is now deprecated and people have switched to other linux based handhelds, like WIZ/CAANOO/Pandora or.. Dingoo A320 (Dingux). I’m the fan of the last one, in my free time porting open-source games to it. If the code of Wind&Water was released, I could port it over to this console.
    Or, if you guys would be willing to port it over yourself, without opening of the code, that would still be awesome.

    Anyway, I always admired your game
    cheers, Zear

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