Wind and Water: Mouse support!

Alright, first things first, here’s a short video showing mouse support!

Yuan will be explaining how to clear Stage E05 (which is pretty far ahead on the game in case you hate spoilers!) as well as explaining about the mouse. Basically you use the left and right clicks to rotate the pieces, which we thought wouldn’t work so good but it’s actually quite nice :)

Comment to let us know what you think about it (and let us know if you’d like to beta-test the mouse version too, we’ll be uploading a private W&W beta around here!)

Wind and Water around the web!

Since our release of W&W less than a week ago, the game has been mentioned on tons of sites around the web!

The game was quickly catched by the original GP2X users, the GP2X Spanish community, Open Pandora, as well as many many Dreamcast sites, DreamAgain (in French — thanks Edd!), was also reviewed as one of the best 5 DC indie games (thanks Barry and cube_b3 from Senile Team!), the Dreamcast Junkyard, and by KingBuzzo from the DC Scene too!

We’ve also hit sites like, (thanks Cauterize!), RPS, the TIG source forums, sites in languages that we understand — Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian too, some that we don’t have a clue about like Polish!

We’ve even read about someone who is actually in The Final Stage (in French), so we’re expecting people to see the final ending this weekend and keep enjoying the game :)

Here’s a fan made video edit with custom BGM from the first W&W mini-game, Sunset Driver:

We’re very grateful with everyone sharing the news about W&W, and with our first 2,000 downloads and lots of feedback, we’re closer to making W&W Online Battles a reality!

If you know of websites, own a blog, participate in forums, or know friends, via Facebook or anything that might be interested, please let them know about the game! And don’t forget to participate on the Forums too and win a chance to have a free Full Set Custom Avatar!

We’ll bring you more of Yuan Works in the next few weeks, so keep tuned! :D

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  • Bugle says:

    Well, I’ll gladly sign up for the beta testing.

  • Ken says:

    I really like the new mouse support add-on to the game. I still prefer the ControlPad method since I can perform quicker. Is there by chance this game will be released for the Mac as well? Thanks for making this free for the PC, but if you can make it possible for the Mac, that would be amazing.


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