Wind and Water: Raffle and Online Beta Testing!

Hi everyone,

We’d like to tell you that we’ll be holding the raffle for the 5 Full Set Avatars today Sunday.

We have great news too, Online tests are going very smooth on Windows, Linux, and even Pandora! Here’s a video courtesy of PokeParadox (thanks!)

And! We’ll be doing some online beta testing tomorrow! Join us so we can test-load the server, on our online chat:


Or, if you don’t have IRC (like me!) click here:

The raffle and online testing will begin today Sunday Feb 20th. We’ll be on the channel from 11PM GMT to 5PM GMT, we’ll hold the raffle first and then get ready for some online beta testing!

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  • Kevin says:

    I know this is way off topic, but are you guy still working on Codename: Little Ninja?

  • admin says:

    We’re hoping to get W&W Online first, then we’ll see how it goes and how to proceed with our future games :)

  • supercom32 says:

    I understand you will be working on an online version of the game, but I find it kind of weird that your company is called Yuan Works, you both are half Chinese, yet there isn’t a proper Chinese language version of the game yet. (^_^);

    Are there any plans to have this game localised for the Chinese market? Or at the very least, have some system for the PC/Linux (Like a language file), so if you guys are unable to do so, others can just translate the language file for you into the different languages you are missing?

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